Ray, being the tyrant that he is, has demanded some new CSS for BlogCFC. Just kidding. However, we have discussed different layouts, such as a liquid layout, for BlogCFC.

For those who may not know, a fixed-width is one where the content area remains a certain size, say 800px wide. If the screen is re sized, and the viewing area becomes less than 800px wide, the browser will show you a horizontal scroll bar. Currently, this blog has a fixed layout.

A liquid layout is one based on a percentage of the screen, so, for example, you have a width of 90%, the content area will always take up 90% of the viewable area. Check out my personal blog for an example of a liquid layout.

The new skins will contain 2 fixed width and 2 liquid width layouts. One of each will have the menu on the right (as it is here), and one of each will have the menu on the left, as it is at my blog.

I normally prefer a liquid layout. I have a few monitors with pretty high resolution, and I like having the screen filled, horizontally, with content, rather than have a lot of extra space on either side on the page.

Which do you prefer, liquid or fixed-width layout?