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My recent interview with CFHOUR has just been posted. In this podcast I discuss Zeus (and let slip a few new things), but I also talked a bit about the future of BlogCFC.

BlogCFC is my oldest, and most widely used, open source product. While it has some questionable architecture (ok, it barely has architecture), I'm proud of what it has accomplished and how it's helped others.

The flip side to this pride is a growing guilt over the fact that I've been able to release 6.0. I took some admirable stabs at it, but, it just never gelled.

A few weeks ago I came to realize that I was holding back BlogCFC as a product. I was a barrier to it growing. I thought about Joe Rinehart (a man I greatly admire) and his decision to hand over the reigns of Model-Glue to Dan Wilson, and it occurred to me that maybe it was time to do the same.

So with that being said, today I'm announcing that I'm stepping down as the project lead for BlogCFC. Scott Stroz will be taking over. He has already reached out to others and has some plans, and I plan on staying heavily involved. (It's funny - now that I'm not "responsible", I actually feel more motivated than before.)

I won't deny - I'm more than a bit sad about this. But I honestly feel like this is for the best. I've got faith in Scott (and the folks he has reached out too).

To everyone who has helped build BlogCFC (and quite a few folks have contributed), I thank you!

Very important fix

If you have the BlogCFC, please update immediately. Category links are completely borked.


This is almost all thanks to Stephen Moretti:

  • Minor formatting change to addsub.cfm.
  • updated jquery.selectbox.js
  • added pageadmin user role and retricted access to page related functions in the admin menu
  • made print use the entry alias for the file name instead of just "print"
  • added a random number to the end of the ajax call in the admin entry form to help prevent IE caching of data
  • added cfcontent to proxy.cfm to make sure that json is returned with the correct mime type to keep IE happier
  • added a couple of admin css hacks to make the login form and select boxes on the entry form display correctly in IE7. Released

Just a minor update. Includes a xml-rpc fix and a robots.txt block for the mobile directory. Thanks go to Dan and James for these. Released

This just corrects a small, but annoying issue with emails sent for moderated comments. Released

This version includes mobile fixes, as well as support for not sending hyper cool 10 inch tablets to the mobile version. Released

This is a minor update, but fixes a pretty critical bug with notifications. Enjoy. Released

This update includes fixes to mobile as well as support for FAILTO in emails sent by BlogCFC. Note that this isn't 100% covered yet, but should be for comments. As always, you can get the bits from For Mac users, I used 7-zip to zip the folder. Let me know if that extracts better for you.

BlogCFC Released

Today I released a very minor update to BlogCFC. There were two lines that would break in CF8. In CF9 you can var scope anywhere. In earlier versions of ColdFusion the var scope declarations must be at the beginning of the method.

BlogCFC Released

BlogCFC has been released. This is a very large update in terms of security. When I first built BlogCFC, I wasn't really too concerned about security best practices within the database. I stored all my passwords as plain text. That's wrong, but is not something I ever had time to fix. Rob Brooks-Bilson took on this task and has completely revamped how users are stored/authenticated. Going forward, passwords are both salted and hashed.

For existing users, it is crucial that you read the readme.txt file. Rob created a web based wizard that can update your existing user records. If you do not do this, you will not be able to log on.

Along with Rob's changes, the following has also changed:

  • Fix some minor UI issues, like jQuery being loaded twice.
  • Added the ability to quickly check all in the admin/list screens.
  • Case issue in SQL for isBlogAuthorized().

Stephen M. has updated the docs to reflect these changes. I'll be updating the web site copy of the docs soon.

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