Docs updated

Stephen Moretti had updated the core docs for BlogCFC a while ago, but I just got around to updating them online today. Sorry folks!

BlogCFC 5.9.8 Released (Really)

So yeah - this took a bit longer than I expected, but the formal release of BlogCFC 5.9.8 is now out the door and available over on the RIAForge site:


BlogCFC 5.9.8 (Almost) Ready for Testing

Welcome to BlogCFC 5.9.8. This is an important step on the way towards 6.0. This release simplifies setup, removes some old features, and features a brand new skin.

You can download from SVN or the zip attached to this blog entry. I expect a "formal" release at the end of the year.

So - 2 minutes after I posted this blog entry I found 3 quick issues. Please do not download the enclosure just yet.

p.s. Ok - after some quick fixes, the zip now should ready for you guys to play with. You can also get from SVN.

BlogCFC Success Story: Water Corporation Library of Western Australia

Last week I received the following email from Emma Taylor:

My name is Emma Taylor and I am writing from the Water Corporation Library in Western Australia. In 2007 we downloaded a copy of your BlogCFC software and installed it on the Water Corporation intranet. Since then I have modified it and turned it into a current awareness service called "Water News" that the Water Corporation Library uses to keep Water Corporation staff up-to-date on relevant news and research. To date over 240 Water Corporation staff subscribe to Water News, and it averages over 200 hits a day.

I have written about Water News for a conference paper that I am presenting at a national library conference in Sydney next year (Information Online 2011). The paper is entitled "Sink or Swim: The Water Corporation Library's experiences from diving into E-Services" and about a third of the paper deals with the creation of Water News.

I was wondering if you would like to read my paper? I thought you might find it interesting to see one of the uses to which your software has been put. Please let me know if you would like me to send you a copy of my paper.

Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you for creating BlogCFC. It is a fantastic piece of software and has made it possible for the Water Corporation Library to provide a valuable and popular service.

I asked for the paper and got permission to share it online. I'm cutting and pasting form the original doc (removing the images) that Emma sent me. All in all - stuff like this makes me very happy. As an open source developer, I often get thanks (and gifts) from my users, but hearing a story like this just makes me... proud. More proud than I've been of my code in a long, long time. Thank you Emma for sharing this!

p.s. One thing I want to point out here - I think their issues/modifications in terms of subscriptions are pretty interesting. I'd love to know if current users would want to incorporate some of this into the product.



FAQ Added to BlogCFC Site

Ok, this isn't huge news, but I've added a simple FAQ to the main BlogCFC web site. It has a grand total of one question so far, but obviously this can grow with time. I actually built a "quickie" little content editor for random blocks of texts just so I could edit that page without having to FTP a file up.

BlogCFC 5.9.7

So I normally post my BlogCFC related stuff to it's own blog, but I'm just too darn excited about this release to keep it there. I'll be posting this entry there as well so folks who subscribe to both - please forgive me. This is a huge release of the blogware and has some awesome new features that I'm extremely proud of. Of course - there were all submitted by the community of BlogCFC Users so thanks go to them. So what's new?

First off, Dave Ferguson contributed a mobile version of BlogCFC. You can see it now it you hit my blog with a mobile device. It makes use of the jqTouch framework and I think it works pretty darn nice.

Next, Jason Delmore updated the look of the admin. While the functionality isn't changed (except for some usability tweaks Jason added on the settings page), it just looks a heck of a lot nicer and gives the blog a newer feel I think.

Speaking of Jason, he also updated the email templates BlogCFC sends out to subscribers. It uses HTML now and includes the gravatar pictures. I currently use Gist for GMail and it's amazing how much a picture (shoot, even a generic picture) adds to an email.

Lastly - Rob Brooks-Bilson took a stab at updating some of the "Monster" CFC that is at the core of BlogCFC. He helped clean it up and added a new pod as well.

You can can screen shots of this now over at RIAForge and can download the bits now. Enjoy!

(Oh, and I've got plans for 5.9.8 already!)

Welcome to the new

For many years now BlogCFC has not had a proper web site. Sure it had this blog, but never a real "site" that helped define what BlogCFC is as a product. With Dan Vega's help we have launched a new site. It defines BlogCFC's features, talks about support options, and will - eventually - have a full copy of the documentation. This is probably not too much help for most of the folks reading this blog, but for people who are looking for information about BlogCFC, I believe this will be much more useful.


I released a very minor update today. adds text to the pod manager to make it more clear how it works. Also - if you clear your selections it saves that change. Enjoy.

Today's release brought to you by Freeland, "Wish I Was Here":

BlogCFC Released

I just released a minor update to BlogCFC. It contains two small bug fixes and a feature suggested by Ryan V. If you are logged in as an admin, you will no longer need to enter CAPTCHA for comments. If you use comment moderation, your comments will automatically be approved.

Today's build brought to you by "Perpetual" by VNV Nation.

BlogCFC Update

I blogged about this on my main blog (see here), but I wanted to make sure folks new to update to the latest BlogCFC as soon as possible. Security firm ProCheckup found some XSS issues and I've corrected them.

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