BlogCFC is now at GitHub!

Well, it has been done.

BlogCFC has been moved to GitHub.

What are you waiting for...go forth and fork and make pull requests...


Follow the BlogCFC Twitter Account

Ok, so I lied, the first task was not to get the current code moved to GitHub, it was to create a BlogCFc Twitter account.

You can now follow BlogCFC on Twitter for up to date information

More on the Future of BlogCFC

Hi everyone, it's me, your new benevolent dictator for BlogCFC. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am busy trying to figure out the 'road map' for BlogCFC. Keep an eye out here as there may be a lot of information forthcoming in the near future.

The first task on my 'To Do' list is get the existing 5.x codebase moved from SVN and into GitHub. This will be happening soon and I will post here when that is done.

I have received many offers of assistance and started to reach out to some people already. For right now, there will be a small, core group of people working to get the next version ready for public consumption. Once we get the next version to a somewhat workable state, the code will be posted to GutHub. If you have not heard from me yet, please be patient, I will be contacting everyone in the coming weeks.


Fixed-width Vs. Liquid Layouts. . .what do you think?

Ray, being the tyrant that he is, has demanded some new CSS for BlogCFC. Just kidding. However, we have discussed different layouts, such as a liquid layout, for BlogCFC.

For those who may not know, a fixed-width is one where the content area remains a certain size, say 800px wide. If the screen is re sized, and the viewing area becomes less than 800px wide, the browser will show you a horizontal scroll bar. Currently, this blog has a fixed layout.

A liquid layout is one based on a percentage of the screen, so, for example, you have a width of 90%, the content area will always take up 90% of the viewable area. Check out my personal blog for an example of a liquid layout.

The new skins will contain 2 fixed width and 2 liquid width layouts. One of each will have the menu on the right (as it is here), and one of each will have the menu on the left, as it is at my blog.

I normally prefer a liquid layout. I have a few monitors with pretty high resolution, and I like having the screen filled, horizontally, with content, rather than have a lot of extra space on either side on the page.

Which do you prefer, liquid or fixed-width layout?

Gravatar/Comments issue fixed.

The issue with text not appearing on one-line comments when the Gravatar functionality was added has been resolved.

I know this will surprise most, but this is an issue with Internet Explorer 6 and how it handles floats and has been nicknamed the 'peek-a-boo bug'.

For a good description of the issue, and some solutions, check this out, but be sure to use Internet Explorer 6 to really see the issues.

If anyone cares to know, the solution I implemented was number 3 near the bottom of the page.

Who here hates IE?

Customizing and Extending BlogCFC

I started using BlogCFC long before I knew a whole lot about using CFCs as objects. When I first set up my blog,, I had added a lot of custom methods directly to blog.cfc. While this allowed me to add some personal touches to the blog, I kind of painted myself into a corner. Whenever Ray released an update to BogCFC, if blog.cfc was affected, I would have to recreate my custom methods. After a while, it became to much of a hassle, and I just stopped updating the blog (I think I am still running version 3.something)


More CSS Goodness

Here are some of the updates (mostly CSS) that have been made since Ray's last post.

  • The forms used to enter comments, trackbacks and 'send an entry' have been updated to use a table-less layout (Thanx to some help from Jeff Coughlin)
  • All font sizes are now using em instead of px
  • The calendar pod has been updated to make use of <thead>, <th> and <tbody>

The CSS has also been checked and validated with W3C. Which means we can use this logo...w00t!

Up next is to make sure all of the HTML is valid.