This version includes mobile fixes, as well as support for not sending hyper cool 10 inch tablets to the mobile version. Released

This updated contains fixes for slideshow, renderer, mobile, and pods.

NOTE: The pod fix corrects a case sensitivity issue when creating / updating pods. This update forces all pods to have lowercase names. This is a go forward fix and doesn't auto update any existing pods. When updating a existing pod with an uppercase character in the name, a new pod will be created that is lowercase. The uppercase pod will can be manually deleted.

Using the BlogCFC Renderer

What is the BlogCFC renderer?

The renderer is a way for BlogCFC to display dynamically generated content in a page or post. The renderer can process just about anything that you can write a handler for, for example, putting in an rss feed result into a page or displaying a twitter search result. This sounds complicated but in actuality, it is easy to accomplish. It is almost like creating a custom tag but in a CFC.

To create a renderer all that is needed is to create the custom renderer CFC and put it in the render folder. After that, refresh the BlogCFC cache and it will be ready for use.

As an example, let's say that this is the blog page content as entered in page edit form body:

view plain print about
1Check out the latest tweets about ColdFusion:
2    <br_twitter search="coldfusion" maxResults="10">

What would be rendered is this:

In the example above, "br_twitter" is the name of the renderer. The use of attributes is optional and not required. When BlogCFC processes the page/post, all attributes are passed to the renderer even if they are not declared in the CFC (attribute overloading).

Now let's go through what it takes to create that example renderer.

[More] Released

This is a minor update, but fixes a pretty critical bug with notifications. Enjoy. Released

This update includes fixes to mobile as well as support for FAILTO in emails sent by BlogCFC. Note that this isn't 100% covered yet, but should be for comments. As always, you can get the bits from blogcfc.riaforge.org. For Mac users, I used 7-zip to zip the folder. Let me know if that extracts better for you.

BlogCFC Released

Today I released a very minor update to BlogCFC. There were two lines that would break in CF8. In CF9 you can var scope anywhere. In earlier versions of ColdFusion the var scope declarations must be at the beginning of the method.

BlogCFC Released

BlogCFC has been released. This is a very large update in terms of security. When I first built BlogCFC, I wasn't really too concerned about security best practices within the database. I stored all my passwords as plain text. That's wrong, but is not something I ever had time to fix. Rob Brooks-Bilson took on this task and has completely revamped how users are stored/authenticated. Going forward, passwords are both salted and hashed.

For existing users, it is crucial that you read the readme.txt file. Rob created a web based wizard that can update your existing user records. If you do not do this, you will not be able to log on.

Along with Rob's changes, the following has also changed:

  • Fix some minor UI issues, like jQuery being loaded twice.
  • Added the ability to quickly check all in the admin/list screens.
  • Case issue in SQL for isBlogAuthorized().

Stephen M. has updated the docs to reflect these changes. I'll be updating the web site copy of the docs soon.

Docs updated

Stephen Moretti had updated the core docs for BlogCFC a while ago, but I just got around to updating them online today. Sorry folks!

BlogCFC 5.9.8 Released (Really)

So yeah - this took a bit longer than I expected, but the formal release of BlogCFC 5.9.8 is now out the door and available over on the RIAForge site: http://blogcfc.riaforge.org


BlogCFC 5.9.8 (Almost) Ready for Testing

Welcome to BlogCFC 5.9.8. This is an important step on the way towards 6.0. This release simplifies setup, removes some old features, and features a brand new skin.

You can download from SVN or the zip attached to this blog entry. I expect a "formal" release at the end of the year.

So - 2 minutes after I posted this blog entry I found 3 quick issues. Please do not download the enclosure just yet.

p.s. Ok - after some quick fixes, the zip now should ready for you guys to play with. You can also get from SVN.

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